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Sweet Basil Caprese Bites

This Recipe is a summer classic made better with our flavorful Sweet Basil Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil as a decorative drizzle.


Grape or Cherry Tomatoes Fresh Mozzarella Pearls Fresh Basil Sweet Basil Balsamic Vinegar Greek or Bonsecchino Italian EVOO Cyprus Black Sea Salt


1. Skewer the caprese bites in this order: mozzarella pearl, tomato sandwiched in basil leaf, mozzarella pearl. 2. Continue until desired amount of skewers is reached. Arrange on a platter in a single layer.

3. Drizzle with a nice finishing olive oil such as the Mt. Egaleo Greek or Bonsecchino Italian, along with a drizzle of the Sweet Basil Balsamic and a sprinkle of Cyprus Black Sea Salt.

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