• Fiesta Spice Olive Oil : This spicy and complex oil will take your taste buds on an exploration of flavors. Starting with hints of garlic, onion and cumin and finishing strong with chili peppers, this flavorful oil will add fiery fiesta spice to any of your dishes!
  • Adobo World Spice : Based on the Spanish word meaning “to marinate,” Adobo is Mexico’s all-purpose seasoning historically used for preserving meat.  Featuring a blend of Mexico's most popular spices, Adobo is great for grilling meats, enchiladas, molé sauces or guacamole!
  • Jalapeño Lime Balsamic : Fresh, spicy, zesty & sweet all in one bottle! This balsamic will give your salads, meats and veggies a delicious zing.

Fiesta Beef Taco Recipe Kit


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