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Ampersand Wedding Registry

What we offer:

Choose items to create your dream

kitchen. Some of our most popular items

include our Staub Dutch Ovens, high quality pots and pans, fantastic Olive Oils & Vinegars, Cook's Illustrated top recommended Pizza Stones, utensils, dish towels, home décor,

and more!

Why Register with Ampersand?

As a small local business we

make Wedding Registry not a task but an experience. Brides and Grooms can wander around our store together planning the kitchen they've always dreamed of. Guests can browse and pick out heartfelt gifts for their loved ones. And we are here to help you with anything you need. We are close to home so you don't

need to wait for your gift to ship to you, and we will even gift wrap it for free. 

To Register:

Call us or come in to set up your Wedding Registry Appointment. Enjoy fresh-made spa water while we take you on a tour of our store. Taste and see for yourself what products you would like

on your registry.

Shopping A Registry:

Registry lists will be kept under the couple's name in store. Come in and we will help you find the perfect gift. If you're from out of town you can call and shop the registry over the phone, we ship!

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