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How to Minimize the Occurrence of Difficulties and Errors When Writing a Dissertation?

Today it is possible to solve any problem once and for all. When performing scientific research, it is enough to follow a set of following rules. Carefully double-check each source of information: compare positions from different sources and use only those that you are sure of.

Use up-to-date information, the date of publication of which does not exceed 5 years. Inclusion in the work of archival, reference data should be kept to a minimum. Form a work plan in accordance with the methodological recommendations and guidelines. Write out the standard structure of work and make your own "knuckle dusters" by analogy. In some cases, previously defended works may be used as an example.

Carefully select and process sources of information. The thesis should be based on scientific works (more than 70% of the entire work), moreover, citing and copying should not exceed 10-15% of the total project. Initially, consider the design rules, and before submitting the project for verification, carefully double-check it several times. Be sure to check the material for plagiarism. Non-unique works do not qualify for protection.

If you can’t cope with writing a dissertation on your own, then it is advisable to seek help from trusted performers. Moreover, it is not necessary to order a dissertation on a turnkey basis, you can entrust them with some of the tasks that require a lot of time: selecting an information base, correcting errors, increasing the originality of the text, designing a project, etc.

All difficulties and errors arise due to laziness or negligence of the author. Therefore, when writing a dissertation, it is important to correctly prioritize and plan your day. The creation of such an important project can only be done by graduates who have ideas in the chosen direction and certain skills in writing research papers.

Do you need help writing your dissertation?

Please note that it is not enough to correctly and accurately write and issue a dissertation to obtain admission. The researcher must have in his own "scientific piggy bank" a certain (established minimum) scientific publication in various publications (including VAK-journals), which confirm that he has relevant works on the chosen topic, his research activities over the past years.

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