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Seeing we are all in isolation we know things can get pretty lonely. Maybe your parents or kids are all alone or maybe it's your best friends birthday and you want to cheer them up during this period of isolation. Perhaps you find yourself a little sad and want to gift yourself a cheer up gift.  We have crafted some gifts for you! You should know gift giving is an art of ours and we will happily craft a gift for your special someone, wrap it up for you and ship it off.  You can rest assured each step of the way will be done with love.

Below are a few gift bundles we have to offer. We have lots of inventory and a variety of stock, so please answer our questions about the person receiving your Ampersand gift so we can craft the perfect gift for them or even you! Please note that your gift will look a little different than the images of the gift because we want to curate a personal gift from you. 

Not seeing something you want to give? Call us and we can put something perfect together for you!